- Mankind history


My mom always tells me stories on how inquisitive I was as a kid. She says that just like the other kids, I would always ask her on how things came to be. She would usually fill me in with information and I would then stop asking questions if I was satisfied.

We all want to know where things came from or how something came about. The same applies to the explanation on why we are like this today. The way we act, speak, walk or listen are just few of the things that we would also want to know the explanation on why we do such acts.


When I was in primary school, I would always wonder why we needed to study history. I hated memorizing and it was always difficult for me to recollect the exact dates.

I always complained to my Mom every time I came home. She would just listen to my rant but still help me in memorizing and remembering all the details in my lessons

Now that I have grown up, I have realized I had to memorize all of the stuff about the history because I would need it today. Some things that are happening around us today can only be explained by the events that took place in the past. The explanations to why we are like these today root from the beginning of time. If I was not patient enough to understand and listen to my history teacher, then I will end up clueless again; just like how I was when I was a little kid.